Anything is possible and fun

Founded in 2021, we are trying to connect cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, immersive interaction, low-code programming, data and process visualization, etc., to our everyday life, work, learning, and entertainment.


Can humans find poetry in technology and creativity if the future comes early?


From AI to VR, how can we be more efficient at work?


Imagining all the good things, can we have more fun in life?

Products and Explorations

SeedCalc - A Wonder Calculator

Let kids explore how tall dinosaurs are, how small DNA is, and how big the sun …

Coming Soon

More productivity and education applications are coming. Stay tuned!

News and Updates

SeedCalc v1.1 Released!

SeedCalc v1.1 now supports keyboard input!

SeedCalc v1.0 Released!

We have released SeedCalc - A Wonder Calculator!

Seedlang Preview v0.2.0

Here is a preview release of SeedLang v0.2.0

We're Hiring

We are collaborating with scientists, engineers, product and UI designers via open source projects. Meanwhile, we are hiring!

Current Job Openings