SeedCalc - A Wonder Calculator

Numbers take you to wonders! Let kids explore how tall dinosaurs are, how small DNA is, and how big the sun is!

Official releases and downloads

SeedCalc - A Wonder Calculator supports running on iPad, macOS and Windows:

The iPad release can also be downloaded by scanning the following QR code with your iPad:


Source code

SeedCalc is an open source project, being hosted at:

About SeedCalc

SeedCalc helps kids understand numbers, orders of magnitude, and the four operations with fun things at different scales.


Key features

  • Dozens of fun things and animations to show different scales of the universe.
  • Demonstrate the precedence of the four operations.
  • A full-featured calculator, supporting parentheses, and the four arithmetic operations.



SeedCalc is a visualizable calculator application. It uses SeedLang as the underlying runtime engine, demonstrating SeedLang’s visualization abilities with educational animations.

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